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9/8/2013 - The Michael Hastings Police Report - A Critical Examination (*** Updated 11/10/2013)
8/27/2013 - Michael Hastings' Last Ride (*** Updated 9/16/2013)
8/27/2013 - Eyewitness Account - Michael Hastings Car Crash (*** Updated 9/16/2013)
The suspicious death of Michael Hastings
12/13/2012 - Works of Art, As They're Displayed in Museums
Pictures from d'Orsay, de Orangerie, MOMA and the NY Metropolitan
12/9/2012 - Two Alfred Hitchcock/Cary Grant Movies from the Fifties
To Catch a Thief (1955) and North by Northwest (1959)
8/9/2012 - Who Finds Animal House Funny?
Some enjoy real humor. Some don't.
8/8/2012 - A Hundred Wins and No Losses with Windows 7 Solitaire
How to do it. (*** Updated 4/28/2013)
3/1/2012 - Mulholland Drive as a Stream of Consciousness Film
Understanding the narrative structure of David Lynch's 2001 cult favorite.
1/30/2012 - Mitt's Tax Return for 2010 - Compared with Newt's
1/23/2012 - Newt's Tax Return for 2010 - What We Can Learn From It
Examination of the tax returns of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.
8/22/2011 - The Novel Explains the Film
Book notes on 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) by Arthur C. Clarke.
8/19/2011 - Can a Woman Break a Glass With Only Her Voice?
Victor/Victoria (1982) Directed by Blake Edwards.
4/13/2011 - Reality Check Update: The Wikileaks Collateral Murder Video
12/8/2010 - Assange in the Honey Trap
4/10/2010 - Reality Check: Collateral Murder
Analysis of the Wikileaks Collateral Murder video. Objectives: (1) to learn what really happened and (2) to put the 2007 massacre and its exposure in a wider context.
12/31/2010 - Terrorists vs. Terrorist: A Wrap-up of the Abu Omar Kidnapping Case
Book notes on A Kidnapping in Milan/The CIA on Trial (2010) by Steve Hendricks.
11/4/2010 - Where Did They Learn How to Shoot?
Full Metal Jacket (1987) Directed by Stanley Kubrick.
4/30/2010 - An Intellectual History of the Neoconservative Movement
Book notes on They Knew They Were Right by Jacob Heilbrunn, published in 2008.
1/30/2010 - Using Celestial Navigation to Find Sweeney in Uruguay
An explication of T. S. Eliot's poem "Sweeney Among the Nightingales" with particular attention to its astronomical allusions.